Schack 4:an

Segrare i kommunkvalet:

2013 Nipanskolan
2012 Junsele skola
2011 Nipanskolan 4W
2010 Långelse skola
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2013 Nipanskolan
2012 Näsåkers skola 4
2011 Nipanskolan 4W
2010 Junsele skola
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2013 Nipanskolan         57 av 114
2012 Näsåker             42 av 121
2011 Nipanskolan         40 av 115
2010 Junsele skola        9 av  95


3 kommentarer till Schack 4:an

  1. Joni skriver:

    I can only endorse the thrust of the commentary here on the demise of the Democrats. While they were, for the most part, really worthy and wendli-tendel, it really was unclear what a vote for them meant in practice.As to the One Nation crowd, their imminent demise of this bunch of ignorant reactionary xenophobic tabloid populist nutbags is something to greet with relief.

  2. http://www./ skriver:

    Hi! My name is Amanda, and i’m thirteen years old. One of my best friends named Skylee got me into the Shadow Falls series and i’m so grateful that she did! I use to not like reading, but when Skylee made me read this book I just couldn’t put it down, now I read all the time. Also I have to say you wrote these books very well(: and I’m soo excited for Whispers at Moonrise is gonna be coming out! And I would be forever grateful if I got the chance to win the book Whispers at Moonrise!(:

  3. http://www./ skriver:

    Es gibt keine HD-DVD, Diese Format ist schon seit Jahren tot. Unterschiede sind signifikant.Man laufen hier Leute rum… man kommt am frühen morgen aus dem Lachen nicht mehr raus


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